Rachael Mattice Arrested Accused of Making Up Kidnapping Story

The 24-year-old woman who claimed to be abducted by a bearded man and held in a shed for two weeks made the whole story up, State Police said at a press conference on Saturday.
Rachael Lynn Mattice of Johnstown surrendered in Mayfield and was charged with falsely reporting an abduction, a misdemeanor.

Rachael Mattice Fake Story

She could face a year in jail or a fine of $1,000 or both. At this time, no other charges are pending.
But Mattice’s mother disputes the police version and says she believes her daughter.
The search for Mattice began on June 22 in the Hamilton County community of Wells, where the family had a camp, and ended when she returned home on July 6.

On July 18, a man came forward and told police he gave Mattice a ride to a camp in Canada Lake, N.Y., which belonged to a relative of her boyfriend. Two other people were able to confirm the man’s account and police later found the evidence didn’t add up.

Police say Mattice regularly camped there.

Cops are also investigating whether Mattice stole prescription drugs from the Hamilton County Public Nursing Service, where she worked as a home health aide.

Mattice, who police say is sticking with her story, was charged with a misdemeanor and released until her court date in Mayfield Court on Aug. 9.

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