Kia Divband charged for killing 6-month-old baby girl

Kia Divband was charged with murder Monday in what police described as the child abuse death of a 6-month-old girl under his care. The infant, Miller “Millie” Lilliston of Rockville, suffered at least 11 cracked ribs, a fractured arm, a fractured thigh bone, head injuries, facial bruises and lacerations to the inside of her mouth, according to Montgomery County District Court records.

Kia Divband Arrested

The suspect, Kia Divband, 35, is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Tuesday. He is being held in jail on $2 million bond. It is unclear if he has retained an attorney, and no one responded to a door knock at his home.

Divband and his wife own Little Dreamers Creative Learning Center, a lice

Police in Montgomery County said that detectives were first called to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital on April 19 after receiving a report about an unresponsive child. Those detectives quickly ascertained that Millie Lilliston had been in the care of Kia Divband at his licensed daycare, Little Dreamers, in Rockville, Maryland.

He told investigators that he was feeding Millie breast milk from a bottle when she began to choke and vomit. Divband then said when he went to wash the vomit from her face she became unresponsive with her lips turning blue. He tried CPR and got his wife to call 911, according to a police statement.

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