Von Miller Sex Tape in Mexico

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is reportedly trying to block a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz from releasing a video of them having sex.

According to court records obtained by FOX31 Denver, Ruiz recorded the intimate encounter with her cell phone and “offered it to Miller for $2.5 million.”

Von Miller Sex Tape

Ruiz has 319,000 followers on her Instagram account, which primarily features photos of herself in swimsuits or lingerie.

According to the lawsuit, filed with the Broncos linebacker using a “John Doe” pseudonym, Ruiz allegedly threatened to sell the tape unless “Doe” pays her $2.5 million. The lawsuit also claims that an alleged sex tape broker named Kevin Blatt contacted “Doe” in September, and that a lawyer representing “Doe” called Blatt, who explained that Ruiz had tried to sell the sex tape and that she wanted payment from “Doe” in exchange for not releasing the sex tape. Eventually, lawyers representing both parties met, with the sex tape characterized as “intellectual property” for which Ruiz’s lawyer said she wanted $2.5 million.

It’s not clear how Miller’s identity has been linked to the legal action, but TheSmokingGun.com reports that he is the plaintiff.

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