Substitute Teacher Arrested Taped Students to Chair

Janeen Clark is a substitute teacher at Sandhills Middle School in Gaston Clark, 26, was arrested Saturday for allegedly tying up two kids in class Sheriffs allege she allowed another student to tie up one of the victims Clark faces two misdemeanor charges of cruelty to children .

Janeen Clark Taped Students

Janeen Clark, 26, taped two male students to their desk chairs, tying their hands and covering their mouths during a class session Thursday at Sandhills Middle School in Gaston, South Carolina, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is alleging on Saturday.

Clark is alleged to have bound one of the students herself while permitting another student in the class to tape the other victim, according to WIS.

‘We dispatched a team of investigators to look into this situation as soon as the school made us aware of it on Thursday,’ Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said.

‘Our investigation is ongoing and we’re still talking to those who were involved.’

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