Rob Lowe Sex Tape Video 1988

If you didn’t know Rob Lowe was videotaped having sex with a 16-year-old girl, you sure do now.
The 52-year-old subjected himself to a brutal Roast on Comedy Central on Monday night.

But it was Lowe’s 1988 sex tape with a 16-year-old girl – which the actor himself parodied in a promo for the roast – that truly took center stage for the night.

“Rob, in both your sex tapes you appeared with two other people – good God, you can’t even carry a sex tape,” quipped Riggle. “You’re like the me of sex tapes. Self-deprecating! Beats you to the punch!”

Jewel also took quite the jab at the roastee’s sex tape by singing to the tune of her hit “You Were Meant for Me” – and switching up the lyrics.

“Rob you are such a whore / you completely forgot we hooked up before. You showed me your penis / when I was just 16-ish. Back in 1988 / I was the girl on your sex tape,” she crooned. “Maybe you missed my name / because you were high on so much cocaine. Out of all your films / I’m the best thing you were ever in.”

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