Alexis Sky and Fetty Wap Sex Tape

Alexis Sky could be creating a major headache for Fetty Wap, with rumors that a sex tape of the couple has leaked to the internet.

Although rapper Fetty Wap ended his relationship with the Instagram model many months ago, the fallout still appears to be reaching him, with reports this week that an explicit video of the pair has started to spread online. Although the details are not entirely clear, several celebrity news outlets are now reporting on the video and some have even linked to snippets of the alleged tape.

Fetty Wap Sex Tape

We’re told Fetty’s lawyers have drafted cease and desist letters to websites posting the clip — and also to Alexis. The letter doesn’t accuse her of leaking the video, but we’re told it does warn her a lawsuit could be coming her way if they find out she did. As for whether it’s definitely him on the tape — Fetty’s camp won’t confirm. We’re told Fetty believes he and Alexis are the only people in possession of the video. As we’ve told you over the years of covering celeb sex tapes — both parties have to sign off on any distribution deal.

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