Man Arrested For Killing Kitten On Last Day Of Work At Animal Center

Police arrested a former Denton animal shelter worker Tuesday for animal cruelty.

David Goucher, 22, is accused of killing a kitten on his last day of work at the Linda McNatt Animal Adoption Center on Elm Street.

David Goucher, 22, faces a charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal about a month after he allegedly threw the kitten, which died later of the injuries, according to a Denton Police Department release.

David Goucher Denton

Goucher was holding the kitten, trying to change its collar, on Dec. 16 when the kitten bit his hand. He raised his hand and threw the kitten “forcefully on the floor,” the news release said. The kitten died soon after from its injuries.

Goucher did not seek medical attention for the kitten and logged the animal out as “sick, died in shelter,” according to the news release. Shelter policy requires reporting animal bites, but Goucher didn’t.

Goucher had given his resignation notice and was working his last day at the adoption center, the news release said.

Shelter employees “were grieved by this act and happy that justice is being served,” the news release said.

Denton police spokesman Daniel Kizer said police took extra time to make the arrest because it was during the holidays, Goucher wasn’t considered a flight risk and because Goucher was a city employee.

Goucher was still in jail Wednesday afternoon in lieu of $3,000 bail.

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