Lucas Dietrich arrested for punching a donkey in the face

A man from Illinois has been charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly punched a donkey in the face.
Lucas Dietrich, 18, was caught after he recorded the attack and posted it to his Twitter account.
Police say the heartless attack occurred when the man visited Willoughby Farm in Collinsville, an Illinois city about 12 miles from St. Louis.
Dietrich was at the farm attending a birthday party.

Lucas Dietrich arrested

Amore is one of the animals that visitors to the farm can approach for touching or brushing, Frerker said.
‘They’re there for the public to pet, to see and touch,’ Frerker said. ‘It’s few and far between that … something malicious happens.
‘The main goal is to connect people to the animals and learn respect and appreciation for the animals, and 99 percent of the time that happens.’
Cops only found out about the punch after tipped off about the video which had been posted to Twitter.

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